Cold Shoulder

    Now I could be predictable and begin this post with my typical apology however I think that the reasons for my absence are so pathetic (school, tiredness etc) that let’s just get to the point.  Basically I’m back and still planning to continue with Fashinate. I’ve got lots of exciting new things to show you so stayed tuned for many an outfit post and hopefully I’ll be doing some reviews of the multiple amazing-looking exhibitions that are on at the moment.

I thought I’d kickstart my 80s boyband- esque comeback with a DIY post as it really has been forever since I’ve done one.

IMG_4211 IMG_4209

   This particular project was inspired by this image I saw in March’s British Vogue. Immediately I knew that I just had to recreate the look, more specifically, the top. Now I’ve seen the gypsy off the shoulder tops around a lot recently and been loving them as I think showing off a bit of shoulder is the perfect mixture of feminine, sexy and tasteful (not something that usually bothers me that has to be said).  So naturally I was drawn to this little beauty from Back by Ann-Sofie Back however my wallet wasn’t so drawn to the £212 price tag. But that was what scissors were invented for.  I just love the mixture of the formal, classic and somewhat manly pinstripe pattern and the slightly different off-the-shoulder cut.  So without further ado, here are the outfits I styled with my version of the shirt (I literally just cut off the shoulders and fastened it with safety pins instead of the buttons).

Look 1 – Day

IMG_4168 IMG_4179 IMG_4180

Shirt – my Dad’s DIYed

Leggings – M&S

Shoes – Nike Airs

Sunglasses – Market

Look 2 – Night

IMG_4187 IMG_4197 IMG_4200

Shirt – Same as above

Jeans – Really old GAP

Shoes – New Look

Clutch – ASOS

Jewellery – 2nd hand and gifts

Lipstick – ‘Mischief’ by Topshop

Chapter 6: The Woman in the Woods

IMG_3253 IMG_3254 IMG_3256 IMG_3260 IMG_3264 IMG_3271 IMG_3279

Here’s the final set of my photos from my shoot with Anna which I’m posting now as they have a suitably Halloween-y slant.  The look was chosen by Anna, based on Maleficent and definitely our most adventurous look.

I also suddenly realised that the title sounds a lot like ‘The Woman in Black’ which is probably because I’m lucky enough to be off the the premiere of the second film tonight so hopefully I can review that for you.


1. What do you find so inspiring about Maleficent the character?
Maleficent is a really interesting character, and recently I’ve been really feeling like although she’s the “villian” that actually she’s misunderstood, and mischaracterised. I had also just watched Maleficent with Angelina Jolie, which I really liked and which actually portrays her as a wronged, powerful, magical woman, and I like the magicness of her. Also those horns are a great look.
2. Awesome lipstick, do you like being experimental with makeup and what are some of your favourite looks?
Thanks! Yes I do I LOVE experimenting. I have lots of favourite looks, I think I’ll send you links to them: & this is like something I WANT to do to my face: And also I really really want turquoise glittery eyebrows!!
3. As Halloween is approaching, what would be your ideal outfit?
Gosh! I haven’t really thought about Halloween yet!! Ummm I’m not sure, I definitely love witchy things, so maybe like a witchy teen genderqueer princess? With like blue lipstick and high lace black Doc Martens and really intricately plaited hair and blue eyebrows with green freckles.

Chapter 5: Can you show me the way to Neverland?

IMG_4862 IMG_4863 IMG_4872 IMG_4876 IMG_4881 IMG_4885 IMG_4887 IMG_4897 IMG_4901


Dress- Vintage 60s nightdress pinched from my grandma

Waistcoat- 2nd hand from a boot sale in France

Hi guys! Here’s the next chapter of the photoshoot I did with Anna plus an interview, remember to follow her on Twitter at @_Lily_Luna_ and check out her awesome blog

1. So, what inspired this look?

WENDY!! From Peter Pan!! Wendy’s really great, she’s someone who I used to look up to/like quite a lot and whose style I really liked.

2.  Do feel that as a feminist it’s important to accept traditionally ‘feminine’ styles as well as challenging ideas about femininity?

As a feminist it’s really important for me to dress like I want, whether that be feminine or not. I like wearing a really wide range of clothes, like from traditionally feminine and cute, like Wendy, to “masculine” or just plain bizarre. I think that’s partially because I’m Queer and I like the idea of subversion and playing with/against tradition etc. And I definitely fight for women to do the same, I think feminism is partially about being yourself, or fighting for the right to be yourself, and that can be in all forms. So yeah, in answer to your question, definitely!

3.  Do you wish Neverland existed and if so what would your ideal Neverland be like?

OMG YES. If Neverland existed it would have a fuck ton of chocolate in it, and it would be full of cute furry animals, places to scrapbook and make things and also endless supplies of like thread and loom bands for constant friendship bracelets. It was also have lovely beautiful woods and winding paths and my friends

Hope you enjoyed this an I’ll be posting the final, more gothic outfit as Haloween approaches.

Chapter 4: Fairy of Glitter

IMG_4971 IMG_4976  IMG_4979 IMG_4988 IMG_4998   IMG_5012 IMG_5019 IMG_5029 IMG_5032 IMG_5043 IMG_5047 IMG_5056 IMG_5057 IMG_5062 IMG_5063 IMG_5071 IMG_5078 IMG_5083



Top- Topshop

Dress (worn under top)- Primark

Salutations again.

Remember the photoshoot I did with Anna that were inspired by fairytales and fantasy worlds? Well there are still more pictures to come so here’s the next installment

    Although winter is slowly tiptoeing in, something which I am very excited about as winter dressing is the best, I thought I’d brighten your dark evenings by sharing some more of the photos I took with the lovely Anna.  These are probably my favourite from the set as I think the outfit really suited Anna and I love how her hair just made the look even more fairy-like. As you can see we went a little glitter mad and having begun with a whole pot we left our location with about a quarter of it, glitter that didn’t leave my hair for a week and puddles of glitter where it looked like tumblr had come to town. However, making our mark on our location had to be the highlight of the shoot as chucking around glitter like there’s no tomorrow has to be one of the funniest ever, seriously it’s practically therapy.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed these carefree whimsical pictures and I’ve got more to come plus an interview with Anna.


Gorilla Suit to Fur Coat

IMG_3083 IMG_3084 IMG_3085


Hat- H&M

Shirt- 2nd hand from my mum

Belt- also 2nd hand from my mum

Jeans- Topshop

Boots- Topshop

Bag- Turkey

Hello again. I seem to have a habit of putting up one post after another and then completely forgetting I even have a blog.  Woops would be putting it mildly.  Anyway, I thought I’d show you this OOTD that I’ve had up my sleeve for a while.  Quite a contrast to the looks in the previous post I know but I’ve never wanted to limit myself to just one look and indeed that’s what I love so much about fashion, you’re almost obliged to be fickle.  This outfit was inspired by images of the Rolling Stones in the 70s in all their faded glory, Marianne Faithful and her effortlessly cool rock n roll glamour and Saint Laurent AW15 although everything Heidi Slimane is producing is giving me serious fashgasms.

‘But why the title?’ I hear you cry.  Well, that involves what I like to think is a rather charming story that you’d hear some super blogger, editor, celebrity or any style icon divulge in an exclusive ‘closet revealed’ type interview.  Actually, it’s not a very delightful story but rather a reflection of the idiotic things I do for fashion.  So I was in the East End Thrift store, a know well-known secret of every broke yet style-aware under 30 in London, and I came across this amazing shaggy mass, emphasis on the word ‘mass’.  But thinking it was a slightly oddly proportioned (I mean a short-sleeved long fur coat?) yet very funky jacket with a lot of potential I rushed to buy it, having jabbered on about wearing it out with hat and something sparkly.  Having ignored the amused looks I got at the till I trotted off home only to find that my jacket had legs. And they were probably even longer than mine if looked at it proportion to the rest of the suit which was a bit depressing.  This is where ‘gorilla suit’ came from as I suddenly realized I’d basically just picked up the wardrobe of that drunk bloke from the stag do you see on a Saturday night.  However, this was when the scissors came in handy as I chopped down the seams that joined the legs together, creating one long coat.  Et voila, that’s what I’ve got here! Just shows that even if you’ve made a bit of a haphazard purchase you can always save yourself!

Since then I have cut it even shorter so it’s more jacket-like and so perfect for chucking on over a plain top and jeans to add a bit oomph and glamour.

Hope you enjoyed this little ramble and I’ll be back soon with some Halloween inspired pictures.


LFW SS15- Asli Polat Presentation

Photo from:

Photo from:


Photo from:

Photo from:

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Image from:

Image from:  

I think I may just be breaking the record for the latest London Fashion Week blog post ever but how about we just pretend that we’re in still the rosy husk of September rather than on November’s doorstop.

Asli Polat’s presentation was perhaps my favourite event that I attended this season.  First things first, the location: The rooftop bar at the ME hotel which even my mum recognises as ‘trendy’.  Pretty good start, especially for a fashion foetus like me who admittedly is easily swayed a waft of glamour. Although it was a spring/summer collection, it felt fitting for a early September’s morning when the sun was first piercing the misty haze that had settled upon London’s rooftops. The clothes seemed transitional, blending innocence with flirtation, tough with tender, experimental with classic sophistication.  For example, one second a model would float down in a billowing nightdress inspired slip and the next we’d see them march defiantly in rose gold two pieces or sometimes there’d be a mixture of both.

Clearly inspired by sportswear, we saw retro gym classic styles reworked with an elegant edge.  I know I’d be persuaded to go to P.E. if I had a kit like Polat showed, an exquisite lace bomber trimmed with an US varsity stripe and paired with teeny tiny matching lace shorts.  My favourite however had to be the translucent, shimmering bomber that with a band of feathery fluff at the front, something that I’ve seen around the high street so I feel a purchase may be in order. Details such as the fluff, a technically correct fashion term I’m sure, the swamping proportions of the silver mac and skirt and the black shorts paired under the white lace skirt prevented an otherwise quite minimalistic collection from becoming too vanilla. Instead, Polat crossed the fine line between the common and safe vanilla to the fresh and slightly more acquired coconut if we are to continue with the gelato metaphor.  Indeed, there was something quite delicious about the collection with its dazzling hues and shimmering materials evoking images of a candyfloss wonderland where the lines between girly innocence and  and womanly sophistication have been gently smudged.

As soon as I came out of the show I, dressed in towering platforms and nearly black lipstick, decided I had to injected some of Polat’s modern and crisp minimalism into my wardrobe. Not being naturally inclined towards either the paired back or delicate approach this was the best I could do.

IMG_3867 IMG_3868 IMG_3869 IMG_3876 IMG_3877 IMG_3879

This outfit was particularly inspired by the sportier looks and while I doubt I’m going to be asked to the next Olympics based on it, I felt super comfortable, laidback and like I should be mooching around a hip Scandinavian design shop.

Glasses- Boots (always look at the old men’s section)

Jumper- 2nd hand from my mum

Trousers- £1 thrifted!

Shoes- Birkenstocks because I’m like so totally fashion darling

IMG_3882 IMG_3885 IMG_3886 IMG_3894

Here I tried to recreated the fluffy jacket the best I could, hopefully without looking like a hairy michelin man (suddenly realising the fur is looking increasingly like a spare tyre).  I thought that the semi-sheer shirt captured the translucent textiles used while the ensemble being all white created the modern, unfussy look of the collection. Rather than being predictable, and perhaps body flattering, I decided to ditch the heels and opt for making myself even stumpier with my trainers. However, I like the relaxed look that they give to an otherwise fairly formal outfit, while still echoing the sporty vibe.

Hope you enjoyed this post and sorry there isn’t more writing but my computer deleted my first, poetically penned of course, draft.

Have a good week!


LFW SS15- Day 2’s Outfit

10695214_386989751450045_638452128_n 10416630_386990174783336_950356047_n (1) 10580354_386990188116668_1003562776_n 10706530_386990141450006_507454214_n (1) 10694987_386989584783395_1098345122_n 10706404_386989704783383_410538213_n


Dress- Monki

Jacket- Vintage from Rokit

Clutch- ASOS

Shoes- Ebay

Sunglasses- Fancy dress shop

Lipstick- Mac’s Cyber

Hello again! This is what I wore to the second day of London Fashion Week and because it was the only full day that I was going to I thought I’d go all out with the outfit.  As you can probably tell I’m loving monochrome at the moment, whether or it’s a trend I’m not sure as it is always popping up.  Whatever it’s dressed up as, the term ‘classic’ is always thrown around whenever monochrome enters into the mix. So what do I do? Make the most non ‘classic’ look involving monochrome.  I grant you this outfit isn’t really trend following and definitely something I’d wear at any time however it’s not your standard paired down and basic ‘classic’ outfit.  Not that that’s anything bad, in fact I wish I could execute perfect minimalism but that requires a face/body and budget I don’t have. Anyway I thought I’d play around with monochrome and you can see I’ve tried to be clever with my print clashing of the ‘op art’ inspired dress, the polka dot shoes and the checkerboard printed sunglasses. Got pretty much every pattern there didn’t I?  Therefore I kept the jacket simple and because the dress is quite thin it added a necessary layer.  The lipstick is not actually black, I didn’t take the monochrome theme that far, but a very dark purple and thought that and the silver clutch kept with the futuristic/alien look that the shoes lent.

Hope you like it and stay tuned for more of my fashion week antics!

Also photo creds go to my friend Leone, she’s such a good photographer that I’m definitely going to be seeking her assistance again soon.