Suited and Booted





































Top – 2nd hand from my mum

Skirt – M&S

Shoes – Vintage from a car boot sale

Sunglasses – ALDO

    As promised, my customary retro outfits are back and this time hopefully with a bang thanks to these beautiful boots.  I scored them at a car boot sale in France and couldn’t believe my luck when the lady said they were only 3 euros. These are the sort of thing you’d find at a carefully curated vintage shop in a trendy neighbourhood.   Ugly but sexy, wrong but right, they’re full of contradictions and so definitely not the easiest to style. I think they’d probably go best with a midi skirt, of which I have plenty yet, same old story, none are in the exactly shade.  Only recently have I started to introduce colours such a brown, burnt orange and even dirty greens.  So I had to opt for a mini-skirt yet I still think it works with the co-coordinating colours which pick up on the browns and light pink in the boots.  As things were pretty busy on the bottom half, no innuendo intended, I decided to keep things plain up top with a white polo neck to stick with the late 60s/early 70s vibe.

Hopefully these boots will feature again as I’m sure there are many more ways I could style them.

Cool Tones

IMG_4606 IMG_4609 IMG_4610 IMG_4612 IMG_4614 IMG_4615 IMG_4618


Jumper – Secondhand, from my mum

Trousers – H&M

Shoes – Topshop

Lipstick – Topshop’s ‘Straight Ace’

Hola everyone! Behold, here is an outfit that is only vaguely reminiscent of the 60s/70s, I just can’t help get even a little retro clearly.  However, it’s still inspired by past decades as the look is quite 90s I feel with the hoops, hair, flatforms and plainly cut jumper. I love how the colours of the jumper and trousers compliment each other but don’t match, the same being the case for the shoes and lipstick.  Just a quick ramble from me today and don’t worry, tomorrow I’ll be back to my retro ways.

A bientot!

Yee Ha

IMG_4565 IMG_4549 IMG_4551 IMG_4558 IMG_4556 IMG_4553


Don’t have much time to chat today as I wanted to get this look up asap so I hope you enjoy me looking slightly like I’ve dressed up as a cowboy.

Hat – Vintage from car boot sale

Shirt – Vintage pound sale

Dungarees – Zara

Shoes – ASOS

Rings – 2nd hand and market stall

Earrings – Nicked from my mum


I Don’t Speak German But I Can If You Like











IMG_4515  IMG_4518





I know the above picture looks a bit dodgy but I liked the Lolita-esque vibe.



Top – Vintage from a car boot sale (1 euro!)

Shorts – Vintage from a car boot sale (1 euro!)

Shoes – Converse

Lipstick – ‘Hazard’ by Topshop



Hi again! Firstly, I shall clear up the fact that I don’t speak a word of German but as the Gaga enthusiasts among you will have already realized, the title is a lyric from one of her songs. I thought it would be appropriate as this outfit is very Heidi/traditional German maiden inspired.  I think that perhaps to make it all a little less like I’m actually going to a fancy dress party I’d cut the shorts making them shorter but as both the top and bottoms were purchased on the day I took these pictures I was more concerned with christening my new buys.

   Because of the brilliant sunshine in these pictures it’s hard to see but the yellow top has the most gorgeous, intricate and quirky embroidery on it, boasting delicate flowers and even a watering can.  These flowers pick up those in the shorts and while putting the two pieces together was initially a shot in the dark, based on their both being yellow, I think they work surprisingly well.  Print-clashing used to be something I’d shy well away from but as I’ve become more adventurous I’ve realised it’s not so scary and can be really fun, especially as you can receive a few raised eyebrows which I particularly enjoy.

I hope this has inspired you to do some more print-clashing yourself and I’ll be sharing the rest of my haul from latest bargain hunt very soon.

Love One


Top – 2nd hand from a car boot sale

Skirt – Vintage car boot sale

Sunglasses – Camden market

Shoes – Converse

Lipstick – ‘Hazard’ by Topshop

Another day, another outfit post. I appreciate this may be getting a tad repetitive but personally I love eyeing up peoples’ outfits, both in public and online.  Also the fact that I have done quite a lot of shopping recently definitely helps.  I think I really have an addiction to car boot sales in picturesque rural French villages, especially when the most expensive thing you bought was five euros, not to show off or anything.

  Although I’ve never been know to be a sports enthusiast, indeed I used to think that the phrase that I’ve used for the title of this post was some sort of archaic call for monogamy, I couldn’t resist this retro tennis skirt. It feels likes something that American Apparel in both shape and texture with the waistband and details having a vintage cheerleader feel.  To pick up on the red, white and blue stripes and trimming on the skirt I paired it with a stripey top and accessories of the same colour.  If a little impractical, this outfit is simple, colourful and comfortable,  making me pine for long and lazy summer picnics but definitely not tennis.

A bientot!