Dress – Topshop
Kimono – Marks and Spencer

Shoes – Boohoo

Hairband – American Apparel

Hello everyone, another day another outfit.  For these pictures I was inspired by the fashion photographs of the nineties and early 2000s as on my CSM course I had access to all back issues from magazines such as Nylon, Love, Dazed and Confused and i-D which I normally never read due to them pretty expensive.  I noticed that images with a flash and lots of contrast were popular and as this worked best at this time of night, decided to take and edit my pictures for this outfit in a similar way, especially as it was quite nineties-inspired.  This was due to the small hoops and hair band as well as the t-shirt style dress, chunky shoes and minimal makeup.

Here are some of examples of the sort of images I had in mind


Kate Moss by Corinne Day for i-D Magazine, December 1993.


Shirley Manson by Ross Halfin, Nylon Magazine, April 1999

The outfit initially began as it is in the first pictures, with the kimono (who am I kidding, it’s a dressing gown) worn as such.  However, when I was trying on some tops and realised that I didn’t have any trousers to wear them with, I wrapped the kimono round me as a skirt and the kimono skirt/double layered dress was born with the sleeves serving as a makeshift belt.

I hope you liked this super speedy outfit du jour, a bientot!

Caped Crusader

20150711_150248 20150711_145843 20150711_145722 20150711_145837 20150711_145554 20150711_145833 20150711_150313 20150711_145745


Sunglasses – Camden Market

Top – Part of a pyjama set :)

Skirt – Vintage

Waistcoat/jacket – Vintage

Trainers – Nike Air Max

This is what I wore for a family day out to a National Trust owned English country home, complete with a quaint tea room and delicious cakes and scones.  Although I can’t say it was right up my street (too many grey hairs and not enough clothes) the gardens were beautiful and so provided the perfect opportunity for a mini photoshoot.  The weather was also a lot colder than had been predicted so I can hardly pretend this was my most practical outfit however I really wanted to give this waistcoat/jacket/cape (I felt like Superwoman when the wind blew) an outing. It actually used to be a dress but was clearly made (by hand) for a midget as I could barely do it up.  Yet I was determined to do something with it as the fabric is so striking and the collar so perfectly retro that with the employment of my needle-savvy grandma, it was transformed and now is much more wearable.

I hope you enjoyed and tomorrow I’ll be posting another mini clothes DIY.

The Writing’s On the Wall

IMG_0105 IMG_0156 IMG_0107 IMG_0153 IMG_0106 IMG_0119

T-shirt – The Almeida Theatre as part of their Merchant of Venice mercandise

Jeans – 2nd hand Levis

Jacket – 2nd hand

Necklace – 2nd hand

Bag – V&A

Earrings – 2nd hand

Shoes – Nike Air Max

So the whole a-post-a-day-keeps-social-media-oblivion-at-bay thing sort of failed. However, surprise surprise, I have an amazing excuse. Last week I was lucky enough to get a very last minute place on one of Central St Martins Short Courses that they run throughout the summer about fashion styling. It was such a different and fun experience and I can’t wait to feature the work I did here on the blog. But first I thought I’d ease you into the coming onslaught of posts about the course by showing you what I wore the day we went to the exhibition ‘One Nation Under a Groove’ at the Southbank Centre (more on that to come).  It was nothing special and quite casual, as I’m now confined to wearing trainers after having had the world’s biggest blisters (Tmi? probably) but I thought that worked well against the background.  Credits to Molly Clark (follow her on instagram guy, her name is mollymayclark and check out her blog http://www.mollymayclark.blogspot.co.uk/) a girl from the course with some serious photography skilz for the pictures.