LFW SS15- Day 2’s Outfit

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Dress- Monki

Jacket- Vintage from Rokit

Clutch- ASOS

Shoes- Ebay

Sunglasses- Fancy dress shop

Lipstick- Mac’s Cyber

Hello again! This is what I wore to the second day of London Fashion Week and because it was the only full day that I was going to I thought I’d go all out with the outfit.  As you can probably tell I’m loving monochrome at the moment, whether or it’s a trend I’m not sure as it is always popping up.  Whatever it’s dressed up as, the term ‘classic’ is always thrown around whenever monochrome enters into the mix. So what do I do? Make the most non ‘classic’ look involving monochrome.  I grant you this outfit isn’t really trend following and definitely something I’d wear at any time however it’s not your standard paired down and basic ‘classic’ outfit.  Not that that’s anything bad, in fact I wish I could execute perfect minimalism but that requires a face/body and budget I don’t have. Anyway I thought I’d play around with monochrome and you can see I’ve tried to be clever with my print clashing of the ‘op art’ inspired dress, the polka dot shoes and the checkerboard printed sunglasses. Got pretty much every pattern there didn’t I?  Therefore I kept the jacket simple and because the dress is quite thin it added a necessary layer.  The lipstick is not actually black, I didn’t take the monochrome theme that far, but a very dark purple and thought that and the silver clutch kept with the futuristic/alien look that the shoes lent.

Hope you like it and stay tuned for more of my fashion week antics!

Also photo creds go to my friend Leone, she’s such a good photographer that I’m definitely going to be seeking her assistance again soon.

LFW SS15 at London Fashion Scout- Little Shilpa



IMG_3732 IMG_3734 IMG_3742 IMG_3746 IMG_3748


I was also lucky enough to be invited to the Little Shilpa presentation, entitled Disco Denimals. Having grabbed our snogs, we were met by an empty Vestibule, wondering what Little Shilpa had in store.  I like presentations as it means that you get a better view and while the atmosphere can lack theatrical glamour of a catwalk show it is much more intimate. This meant that for once I was actually able to take some decent pictures myself so all of those above are mine. I was pretty pleased with how they turned out and with some of them I barely even needed a zoom.  Often the models would come really close and pose specifically for you if there was no one around which was pretty awesome.

The focus of the presentation was the contrast between the relaxed denim and the eye-catching, sculpture-like head wear. The denim shirts themselves weren’t actually of Little Shilpa’s design, as it was provided by Arvind Mills, but it provided a plain canvas to the opulent head dresses and reflected ‘the revelry-loving festival spirit of the designer’s moodboard’.  In the middle of the presentation the models began to get up on the tables  while another loosened the ties on each others’ clothing. Rather than indicating the start of a table dancing routine, it showed how the wearer could style individually depending on their mood at that moment.  Paired with the achingly cool and on trend Nike Feather’s, the-out-of-this-world was brought straight back down to Earth, landing in the coolest spot in town.

But it was the headgear where the ‘Disco’ got started. But there’ll be no dads pulling the screw the light bulb, pat the dog moves here. The pleats are described as being wing-like to ‘evoke the buoyancy of both the zeitgeist of the moment and the disco-tinged era’. Horn like ships also abounded, and indeed she was inspired by animal imagery, reflecting a wild element which is made decadent with technicolour hues.  Mixing the two created a fresh look that harkens to ‘a free-spirited tomorrow’.  As with all of Shilpa’s work, there’s always the sense of fun injected throughout.  With the models’ face paint and faces studded in piercings there was an element of the tribal, establishing the Shilpa girls as the festival-hopping whose summer is the envy of all. Indeed Shilpa describes the collection as ‘an ode to the fun-loving, i-Clouding crowd for whom fashion meets function, mode and individuality’ and it definitely looks like a pretty good crowd to be part of to me.

LFW SS15 at London Fashion Scout- Ashley Isham

    So while fashion month, let alone fashion week, has been put to the back of the wardrobe, only to be whipped out again season for another glossy feature, on nearly every other blog and publication, I thought that I would delay the joy of it a little longer.  Peel off a few layers of pretense from that and I suppose what I’m trying to say is sorry once again for getting my posts up on time.  So without further ado, I shall reveal what I has been lurking in the depths of my veil of a hard drive for so long.

From Beach to Ballroom at Ashley Isham

Image taken from here: http://www.zimbio.com/pictures/9HWpxaPJbNI/Ashley+Isham+Runway+London+Fashion+Week+SS15/O8QZX7N2jNk/Ashley+Isham  

This season Isham was inspired by a lady with a colorful legacy, Mari Hari, who was known for her fusing of Eastern and Western influences in her eclectic style .  Having gained a reputation for his ballgowns, a thread that still weaves its way through this collection, this season he has taken his expert drapery and unapologetic glamour to other occasions.  You could imagine the collection being worn by the elegant protagonist of a spy movie, as she swans from through a luxurious beach side hotel, where intrigue secretly lurks.  First he showed some day time appropriate looks with a minimalist focus of clean lines and grid-like details.

Then as the day moves our protagonist slips into something a little more structured for lunch. But there’s still a lightness in the dresses that although you’d get a few stares if you rocked up for a meatball rocking one, you wouldn’t look like you got confused between 12 AM and 12 PM.

Now the Isham woman moves down to the beach, either for a quick afternoon dip or to simply have a day off from her high stress job and soak up some rays.  Isham’s swimsuits prove that they don’t all have to look like your old school Speedo costume and that they’re often a more chic and mature alternative.  The shape of the suits suggest an influence from decades past, for example the 50s as they hug a woman’s figure perfectly and his drapery skills are again at their best.

Let the cut do the talking with this no frills attached number.

However if you feel that the the pale colour and bandage technique will make you look a little too much like the Michelin man, Isham’s also got some floral fabulousness. Despite the Devil Wears Prada rule, ‘Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.’, these swimsuits are so lively and fun that we’ll let it slip this time.

Last but not least we have the showstopper (too much GBBO perhap?) evening gowns and this is when it’s clear why Isham has the reputation he does.

We begin the evening with some pre-dinner cocktail drink as Isham showed a series of dresses with a distinct Eastern influence with obi belts, kimono-like structures and Indian-like embroidery and embellishments. The dresses were very sharp and tailored however exuded a distinctly whimsical and eccentric character that Hari was known for.

The show hit its climax as the full-length, sweeping ballgowns hit the catwalk that balanced opulence and elegance perfectly.  As I’ve mentioned before, it was the drapery that was the most stunning as the fabric flowed in an almost liquid-like state across the contours of the body and the dresses almost became like a second skin on the models, heightening their drama.

Following photos from: http://thefashionscoutsept09.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/collection-ashley-isham-ss15.html

All images are from here on Vogue.co.uk unless stated otherwise.

LFW SS15- The Outfit

What a dramatic title, eh?  I hope the outfit doesn’t disappoint even if the photos do (the woes of having a terrible camera that refuses to adjust to low lighting.  Anyway, this is what I wore for the first day of fashion week which sadly for me was only an evening but I was still lucky enough to attend two shows (more on that later).  Recently I have tried to become more minimalist with my style (quel horreur) and sharpen everything up a bit.  I think it may be a backlash to the onslaught of prints that have seem to have rushed into my wardrobe and these are something I definitely don’t want to abandon despite finally understand that sometimes it’s worth paying a little more for basics.  However, that being said, this look is not exactly what I would call a blank canvas.  The inspiration came from my desire to be a little more modern with my style and so I suppose you could call it space age school girl if you want to get all trend forecastery.

 To continue with the theme of suspense I thought I’d leave my report of Day 1 till another day so stay tuned!

Jumper- Topshop

Skirt-  River Island sale (£3!!)

Shoes-  Topshop

Bag-  Lazy Oaf



LFW SS15 at London Fashion Scout

        Warning: Picture heavy post coming right up

  Every season the weekend after London Fashion Week never quite compares regardless of how much you claim you want a ‘quiet’ one to comfort your blisters with your cosiest slippers.  But however much I can pretend, I am no glossy member of the fashion glitterati who’s caught dashing between show with a swish of their pristine locks yet I still can’t help but be swept up by the buzz, and limitless Instagram opportunities, of it all.

     This season I was lucky enough to attend a few shows at London Fashion Scout at Freemason’s Hall, a showcase of international fashion talent.  So of course this meant only one thing, eating your yearly’s allowance of Snog, served with a large dollop of freebie thrill.  Wash that down with a slug of coconut water and a lengthy gaze at the Snog male models and well that’s me contented, might as well just ditch the skyscraper flatforms and get back on the bus. The shows? Oh yes….As always the shows were brimming with innovation and talent and fizzing with energy and an unparalleled atmosphere. Although the designers ranged came all over the word, Fashion Scout is a prime example of London being one of the most fertile grounds for the seeds of new talent to flourish.  The great thing about Fashion Scout is that there is such a broad range in the designers that are showcased.  Some of their work is very wearable and could slide quite neatly into your wardrobe while others focus of concepts and are much more experimental. Within the space of two shows you can be transported from the plains of realism to surrealism and so you don’t feel too fashion fatigued.

    Below are some snaps of the weekend however as always it’s hard to get a decent picture of the catwalk being a mere prole like me who only gets standing tickets.  I keep kicking myself for not having taken more pictures as well but I always get far too distracted and completely forget, typical.



20140913_124136 20140912_184153

We saw Pandemonia!









    Lampshade chic?  But oh how it works.

And lastly the BEAUTIFUL exhibition, I was salivating over everything.

IMG_3759 IMG_3761 IMG_3762 IMG_3763 IMG_3764 IMG_3766

Chapter 3: Hooked

IMG_3283 IMG_3314 IMG_3297 IMG_3287 IMG_3312 IMG_3300 IMG_3309 IMG_3292 IMG_3308 IMG_3306 IMG_3298 IMG_3301



While my previous outfit was traditionally feminine, this one was more androgynous as the main inspiration was Captain Hook. Perhaps I look more like a Spanish matador but this was a very loose take on the pirate idea as much as I love Captain Jack Sparrow, it’s not a look that I want to sport. This outfit aimed to channel a sense of adventure and boldness, which again fits with the ongoing theme in the photo set of empowerment.


The hat is from H&M, the jacket is vintage and I like to think rather Chanel-esque, the shirt was my dad’s, the leggings are also H&M, my shoes are from Topshop, the belt is secondhand from my Mum and the lipstick is ‘Hazard’ from Topshop.

Until next time, follow me on my Instagram which is @zoegarance.

Chapter 2: She’s Not Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf

IMG_4913 IMG_4932 IMG_4943 IMG_4942 IMG_4934 IMG_4927 IMG_4915 IMG_4914 IMG_4920 IMG_4924 IMG_4930 IMG_4931 IMG_4949 IMG_4935 IMG_4952 IMG_4936


 It may not be Haloween yet but you can always dress like a slutty Red Riding Hood for the sake of fashion.

This outfit was probably the most impromptu of the shoot as the thought process behind it was more that I love red and of course Little Red Riding Hood wears a lot of red than trying to channel the deeper, allegorical messages behind her as a character.  That being said, I do have a little pretentious waffle up my sleeve to delight you with. Red I have always found to be an incredibly empowering colour that evokes strength, audacity and a touch of glamour.  Admittedly the traditional story does see Red Riding Hood as quite helpless and in need of being rescued by a strong man but I like to think this look updates her character with the shortness of the dress and the slightly scary (or perhaps more Christmassy) blood red glitter.

Stay tuned for more pictures of me from this fairytale shoot and those of Anna will come later as I want to ask her some questions about her looks to accompany the pictures.

My cloak is from the depths of my dressing up box, the dress is a secondhand genuine 1960s nightie, the shoes are also secondhand and the lipstick is ‘Mischief’ by Topshop.