A Tribute to Fashion Month

20140302_091758 20140302_091823 20140302_091923 20140302_091945

My coat is from a French ‘friperie’ that I scored for a mere 7 euros, the top is 2nd hand, the leggings are ASOS, the shoes are Topshop, earrings are vintage, the necklace is H&M and the bag in Radley.

As it’s fashion week I feel it’s my duty as a blogger to pretend that my arms have been amputated and don my coat as a cape.

My inspirations for this outfit were the glamorous Italian grandmas I’ve seen pottering around Florence and the outfit of the woman below (really should who she is but her name escapes me at the mo, I truly am a terrible blogger) who was snapped by the ever brilliant Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist. See the picture here: http://www.thesartorialist.com/women/on-the-street-after-dior-paris/



Hope you’re all well and and season’s greetings (by this I mean happy fashion month, keep up daaarlings).

I promise that I shall be back soon with a post on by thoughts on this season’s collections.  Until then remember, all the world’s a catwalk and the spotlight can be on you a little brighter as it’s fashion month!



From Club to Catwalk (to Blogosphere)
























My 1st outfit:

Trousers- 2nd hand

Top- H&M

Turban- DIYed from 2nd hand scarf

Lipstick- Topshop

Heels- New Look

My 2nd outfit:

Same as above except for

Vintage hat

Vintage coat

Ebay shoes

Juliet’s 1st outfit:

Top- Made by my mum

Leggings- M&S

Belt- 2nd hand

Shoes- Vintage

Juliet’s 2nd outfit:

Dress- AA

Coat- ASOS

Tights- ASOS

Shoes- ASOS

Earring- Vintage

Juliet’s 3rd outfit:

Top- made by my mum

Disco pants- Amazon

Shoes- DMs

Hat- 2nd hand

Maximalism, a way of dressing still favoured by many yet often eschewed for the more modern paired down Minimalism which allows the focus to be on the philosophy of the design without distraction from frills and prints a-plenty. Rewind to the 1980s, if you uttered the blasphemous word Minimalism to anyone in the fashion circles you would have been met with a purse of bright purple heavily-lined lips, a swish of a gravity-defying perm and a stamp of a golden heel. Maximalism was more than just acceptable in the 80s, fashion wise it defined the era and the V&A have decided to celebrate the pioneering designers who were at the helm of this avant-garde and flamboyant design movement. Club to Catwalk: London Fashion the 1980s  showcases designs from the undisputedly funky Betty Jackson, the political Katherine Hamnet and king of the era John Galliano. The exhibition looks at the subcultures that flourished in both underground and mainstream clubs, Blitz, Billy’s, Heaven and Taboo being favourites among creative types and 1980s ‘fashpack’. Warehouses were also popular but it was the clubs where you would have caught dozens of Central St Martin’s students or anyone who was anyone partying away in one of a kind outfits they had frantically stitched for themselves the previous night. Whether they were in the style of the New Romantics, Fetish, Goth or High Camp, the club scene was filled with highly stylised individuals who wouldn’t have batted a rainbow eye shadow-adorned eyelid at Lady Gaga’s meat dress. Work from inventive designers such as Pam Hogg, Body Map and Leigh Bowery are also displayed as their designs were not only some of the most driving and spirited of the era but also often graced the pages of rising style magazines such as Blitz, i-D and The Face. Thus the V&A  explores it’s focal theme, as shown in the title of the exhibition, as to how the exuberant and avant garde designs that were strutted down the catwalk created the emergence of theatrical and lavish dressing on the club scene. If you’re not tempted by the sound of this glittering, extravagant sight which shows that the 80s wasn’t all spiky shoulder pads, legwarmers and parachute pants then I’m sure the fact that there’s a little club area displaying accessories should inspire you head up to West London to do your best moonwalk.

I hope you enjoy these photos that I shot with my friend Juliet, which were inspired by the exhibition. The shoot was rather impromptu so please excuse the cheerless background of my wardrobe (don’t worry, the contents are much more exciting).

Until next time, have a good week!


Kaleidoscope Eyes

The Optical Illusion

Choked with checks

Squirming with squiggles

While logic is liquidized as

Line laces through line

And wreathes and wriggles

It’s only an illusion


The brain boggles

While our eyes puzzles over

  What art historians have been calling perspective

A cape of confusion disguising the fact that

It’s only an illusion

20140213_091545 20140213_093936 20140213_094319

Dress- Monki

Jacket- Cheap Monday via a charity shop

Shoes- Ebay

Lipstick- Topshop

You know her life was saved by rock and roll

IMG_2071 IMG_2073 IMG_2076 IMG_2079


I realise that it’s always the same grovel but now mocks are finished I absolutely promise I’ll be back with more interesting pictures and hopefully a few more words.  I plan on going to both the Isabella Blow at Somerset House and Club to Catwalk exhibitions so I hope to do a write up of both of those (generic blogger points to me). Until then, go and listen to The Velvet Underground, who inspired this vaguely 60s outfit.

The top is resurrected from my childhood wardrobe, the hotpants were my mum’s, shoes are converse and the hair band that holds my pathetic attempt at a beehive in place is just a piece of ribbon. Title, courtesy of The Velvet Underground.

Winter Blues




           Dress- made by my mum
           Shirt- vintage
           Shoes- Dr Martens
           Nose chain- DIY
           Lipstick- Topshop’s ‘Hazard’



                   Vintage necklace
                   2nd hand bralet
                   Charity shop skirt
                   Pringle socks
                   Vintage shoes





                          Scottish hat
                          Rokit jumper (a bit out of season now I realise so just don’t look too closely)
                          Vintage skirt
                          Asos shoes






                Everything is vintage/2nd hand

I have a list of apologies to make so let’s get straight to it. 
1.  I’m sorry I haven’t posted for so long it’s completely inexcusable but I’m working towards important exams, had a family crisis and on top of that my computer broke (wow I’m a drama queen).

2.  I’m also sorry for the poor quality of the pictures as my camrea ran out of charge half way through the shoot so many of these were taken with my phone.

Grovelling aside, the inspiration for this shoot was December’s Vogue whose pages were splashed with images of models kitted out in mismatched heritage armour paired with moody tartan.  Therefore we wanted to create a jumbled festive look but that still had a smattering of the winter blues.
  I hope you both enjoyed the pictures and the festive season and happy new year to you all!  Hopefully I will be back soon with some writing (when my computer’s fixed) and, another blogger cliche, I shall make it my new year’s resolution to be a better blogger.  Meanwhile my twitter and instagram is @zoegarance and if the computer isn’t fixed soon I’ll be sure to keep posting pictures.